10 Hacks to Get More Out Of Your Dance Lesson

Learning to dance has so many positive benefits, almost too many to count, but possibly the most difficult part of learning to dance is the lesson itself. Your lesson is coming up and you have been looking forward to it all day! Top it off with the fact that your teacher has something special prepared for you. So the lesson starts and you begin to get into your element. You are about to make a break through with that new concept and BAM! The clock strikes 7 and your lesson is over!! And at that moment you wish there was a way to get more out of that lesson. Here are 10 Hacks to get more out of your dance lesson!

  1. Show up early

Showing up early to your dance lesson, 10 to 15 minutes if you can, is a great way to get yourself warmed up and in the dance mood before your lesson begins. This way you have created some distance between your day and your lesson and do not have to spend the first 15 minutes of your lesson thinking about TPS reports.

  1. Stay late

Since you just learned something new, practicing your dancing after your lesson is the perfect opportunity to make that new move or concept a part of your repertoire. Since it is hard enough already to find time to practice, why not practice now when it’s fresh and you are already there?

  1. Bring a note booknotes.jpg

This is a great way to keep a log of what you have accomplished and what you have in your dance tool belt. A notebook is not only a great way to relive your love story, it’s also a great way to relive your dance lesson and all the fun things you learned that day.

  1. Take a video

Oh the beauty of modern technology! Most likely you have a camera on your phone. This is not only great for taking candid photos and selfies for your profile; it’s also great to capture the action on your dance lesson. The nice thing with cell phones is we always have them with us--in line at the grocery store, in the bathroom or during a really loooong meeting, there are no limitations to when or where you can relive your lesson.

  1. Bring questions

This combined with your notebook is a great way to get more out of your lessons. Questions that pop up between lessons, when answered, can improve your dancing and solidify what you learned on the previous lesson.

  1. Have fun with repetition

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect progress. So on your lesson lots of repetition with your teacher is a great thing, but be sure to have fun with it. Try it with different music, have fun with the timing, get creative and make that particular concept a part of what you do.

  1. Dance it till you sweatpractice.jpg

If you are sweating in any kind of exercise you are releasing endorphins and if you are releasing endorphins, you are feeling goooood! So imagine how good you will be feeling, starting to sweat a little, with one of your favorite people, dancing to your favorite song!

  1. Inter-relate what you learn to other dances

One of the best ways to get the most out of your lesson is take that same concept with your teacher and think together of how you can hack another dance with the same move or concept. Now the idea in one dance can be used in multiple dances. How creative can you get??

  1. Do a 90 minute lesson

A regular lesson is like flying from Hartford to Washington DC. The moment you hit your cruising altitude you begin to make your decent. In a regular lesson the moment you start to get into your lesson, the lesson is wrapping up. What makes the 90 minute lesson great is once you get into your lesson, it goes further and let’s you get more involved, discovering new ideas and concepts, and even things you did not think you could do.

  1. Try it with a friend

When you learn something new on your lesson, you start to feel confidence with your teacher as you dance through it.  It is now time to pull out a friend or another teacher to test your skills. Not only does this help solidify your newfound knowledge, it can also make your lesson feel like a party!

If you enjoyed the article and feel you have some great ways to get more from your lessons and your dance experience, be sure to share them with us below!

Keep on dancing!

Come to Arthur Murray to walk in and dance out of your first lesson!