10 Myths About Taking Dance Lessons Part 2

And now, the thrilling conclusion to ten myths about taking ballroom dance lessons.  If you missed the first five myths that we busted, check them out in this blog post.

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     6. “I have no rhythm.”

You might not today, but that does not mean you cannot get there. From a person who was told he had no rhythm who now teaches people how to find it, you only need two things: time and persistence. Rhythm is developed by learning what to listen to and then listening for it in every song until you hear it naturally.

     7. “I’ll need a partner.”

What most people do not realize is that they can learn to dance for themself. The great part of learning without a partner is you can focus on all the skills you will need to dance great in any situation, with any partner!

     8. “My significant other does not want to dance.”

Life is short and rarely gives second chances. Don’t pass up on your ambitions and dreams. If it’s something you want to try, I’m sure your significant other will be more than supportive of it—even if they don’t want to participate in it. And if you are worried you don’t have a partner, see number 7.

     9. “Do I wear a tutu?”

I’m sorry but a tutu and unitard are not standard dance attire, so please leave them at home. For most places, "night out" attire is the norm and we are pretty sure you have that in your closet!

     10. “I can’t dance like they do on TV.”

We know you have seen Dancing with the Stars and wonder “how could I ever dance like that?” But we also know that by the time those stars hit the stage they have put in countless, consecutive hours, days in a row to entertain you! Give yourself a break...just like most “regular” people who take dance lessons, you are new to dance. It is your teacher’s number one priority to show you that learning to dance can be fun quick and easy. Whether you want to dance like a star or survive one obligatory dance, your teacher will get you there.

With so many myths about who can learn and what learning to dance can be like, we want to hear from you. What are some myths about learning to dance you believe? Or did believe? Write them below!

Keep on dancing!

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