10 Quick Tips About International Dance Festival

…And Why You Should Get Involved!

As the days get a little longer, the snow begins to melt, the animals begin to come out of hibernation and the birds are flying north, you know spring has begun. A time when your teacher starts quizzing you on the dances you know and asking you about your Friday wardrobe, you know that International Dance Festival has arrived!

24_20150823133838_5684305_large.jpgInternational Dance Festival (IDF), also known as Spring Festival, is worldwide competition between all Arthur Murray Dance Centers, but this is not a dance competition as one would think. This is a school-wide competition based on activity. Schools of similar size are grouped together to compete and to see who gives the best student experience. And how is that measured, you might ask? Well it is measured by how active the student body is. And by active, we mean lessons, group classes, practice parties and other events! So to be a top school for the International Dance Festival it is all about being a member of the most excited and most active student body!

Whether it is your 1st or 15th time participating in IDF, here are 10 tips to help you get the most of the experience.


#1 Sponsor your teacher!

Everyone should be a sponsor, it’s not only a great way to thank your teacher for all the extra time and effort they put into your dancing even when you are not on a lesson, it also enters you into a number of fun studio games and events. The benefits of being a sponsor are huge. As a sponsor you have access to all the amazing themed parties. Sponsors get their ticket punched to the Medal Ball, and the School Outing. And finally sponsors get great perks and prizes from being entered into the activity based In-Studio Contest. The benefits of being a sponsor far out weigh the investment. Sign up today!

#2 In-Studio Contest!

Whether your studio does a point system, raffles or Magnificent 7, your activity can earn you perks, prizes or an unforgettable night out on the town with your favorite Arthur Murray Dance Center team!

#3 Medal Ball

Get out your cocktail dress, gown or press your tux because you are going to the BALL! After reading this do not delay. Medal Ball is our graduation party and an event you do not want to miss! Not graduating you say, I beg to differ. If you are working on and developing your dancing then your teacher has been planning and setting you up for graduation success. The reason this event is so great is because as teachers, we get filled with pride as we see our dancers in graduate from one level to the next. As a student, there is nothing more fulfilling than moving up a level in your dancing and knowing that you are catching up to the big dogs or that you’ve become the big dog!

vegas_blog_image.jpg#4 Themed Parties

When else do you get to dress up in character? Yes you may look odd in your horizontal black and white striped shirt, red neckerchief and beret buying baguettes at Stop & Shop, but you will fit right in at the Paris Paris party.

#5 Inter-Studio Parties

Inter-Studio parties are a great way to meet new people in the Arthur Murray Family, but also a great opportunity to prepare you for any dance situation with a crowded floor of dance enthusiasts. Be prepared to fill your dance card with people you have never met before, but share the same passion for dance as you.

#6 Six Weeks of Parties and Events

Mark your calendar in advance! These are 6 weeks you do not want to miss. What ever you thought you knew in the beginning will be over shadowed by what you gain in the end. Memories will be made, dance shoes will be broken in, and a new confidence will be found!

#7 Pre-Summer Outing/ Beach Volleyball Championships

Show your school pride and don’t be afraid to get a little sand in your shoes… No better yet, kick those shoes off, because after a day of food, fun and out door activities. The All School Volleyball Tournament begins. So be prepared to take one for the team and set, spike or cheer your school to victory!

#8 Coconut Drinks

 Join us for our final spring festival hurrah at the annual Glastonbury BBQ. Come for the world famous coconut drinks and stay as we celebrate another exciting and active festival season!

#9 Did I mention Coconut drinks

Oh yeah… That was #8.

#10 The Intangibles

Outside of great memories you will make and fun moments you will live, there is so much more. The real lasting benefits of IDF will be in the dance friends you make, the confidence you build, the progress in your dancing skills and the levels you advance. The intangibles are often the best part and the things that will stay with you for life!

Follow these 10 tips and you are all but guaranteed to have an unforgettable festival season and you will be the counting the days till TOC. What is TOC you ask? Well that is for another day!

International Dance Festival Kicks-off May 6th 2016 with Medal Ball!