10 Reasons Why Virtual Lessons Don’t Work

CNN says it’s news, Fox News says it’s fake news and MSNBC is undecided, but none of them have an opinion on virtual dance lessons.

Today everything we do is influenced by COVID-19.  I’ve gone from using "zoom" to describe how fast my car goes to using Zoom to connect with everyone beyond my four walls.  This includes keeping up with my Arthur Murray dance family!

For a dancer to do an activity that thrives on crowded environments and other people, to now do it on your own at home makes no sense.  So why bother?!

Let’s explore 10 reasons why virtual dance lessons don’t work! 

dance in kitchen lesson free
  1. You can’t learn from a video

Agreed.  The only thing you can learn from a video is how to create bad habits.  Now, when using video in conjunction with a professional to give instruction and correction, video can be priceless and an amazing tool for learning.

  1. You can’t learn to partner dance without a partner

Who has ever heard of learning how to partner dance without a partner?  It’s impossible.  But much like a romantic relationship, you don’t have to be in one to learn how to become a desirable partner.  Learning to dance on your own there are a plethora of skills you can develop that are important and easier to learn without the distraction of a partner.

  1. It’s impossible for a couple to learn virtually

Learning with a partner can be hard enough in-studio, one would think doing it virtually would be to challenging, but this is not always true.  Couples cannot rely on the teacher the same way as they do on a live lesson.  Ultimately having to rely on each other creates a stronger bond and a clearer communication as a dance partnership.   

  1. I have no space

This is true most of us don’t have a ballroom in our house and most time we have little to no space to dance. However some parts of the learning process don’t require much space at all.  In fact, there are some dances where it is conducive to learn in a restrictive space. 

  1. It’s not the same as a live lesson

100% true.  On a live lesson you can touch and interact with your teacher.  The nice part is on a virtual lesson you can’t rely as much on your instructor to put you where you need to go. This helps you focus differently and understand deeper allowing you to really experience the learning on a different level.

  1. It’s impossible to learn from home

Learning anything at home can come with distractions.  Animals, kids, chores, so many things require your attention.  This is why virtual lessons are so great; now you have a personal coach that will capture your attention as you go on a journey of the mind, leaving behind all the distractions of home.

  1. I’m too employed

When we are at the office we think about work and when our home becomes our office it can be hard to stop thinking about work.  Going on a virtual lesson has the power to break you out of work mode and help you unwind and disconnect from a long day.

  1. Too much Zoom in my life

8am – Zoom meet with the team, 10am- Zoom with human resources, 12pm-skip lunch to Zoom with the board of directors….6pm- Zoom wrap up meeting.  Why would anyone want to do another Zoom meeting?  Difference is this is a meeting about you, one for you to relax, get into your dance flow, but most importantly recharge and rejuvenate you! 

  1. I’m unemployed

This is a problem.  Your priority must be family, roof, food and toilet paper.  If you have those things taken care of it’s a must you take care of yourself. You have to stay sharp! Learning is good stimulus for the brain, as long as you enjoy the process it is all effective brain fitness.

  1. It’s not the same

In conclusion, virtual lessons are not the same. Nor should it be, because it is different.  It’s a new age learning with many benefits that keep you moving forward on your dance journey.  Be it for exercise, developing confidence in a skill you love, connecting with friends or connecting with someone special, dancing has been your way to fulfill that.   

Even though we are not face to face, learning virtually still drives you to your goals and provides amazing benefits!

Dance Lessons on your bucket list?