10 Reasons You Should Be Dancing

Several decades ago dancing was the thing to do.  Every weekend you would have a date with your sweetheart or get together with friends to go out dancing. As times changed, so did the people and dancing became dormant for several years. But as so many things do, dancing has now re-emerged with more fan-fare and excitement than ever.  With the popularity of several TV shows, like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, and so many social events being highlighted by bands and DJs, encouraging social dancing and sometimes dance routines, isn’t it about time you got involved?

Learning to dance can be a blast in itself, but there are a number of other benefits you get from taking lessons and learning to be a good dancer. Here is a list of 10 reasons you should be dancing.

1. More fun and enjoyment out of your social life

Dancing on a school night?? This is probably one of the best benefits people discover in the learning process! Who else do you know goes out dancing on a Tuesday night? When you are involved in dancing, you can often go out and dance any night of the week. In addition, being able to have the option to do more than just have a drink and stand by the wall all night at the next club night, wedding or social function is a definite plus.

2. Meet new people and make new friends

 When is the last time you made a new friend that was not from high school, college, a colleague or isn’t the parent of your kid’s friend?  In a lot of adult activities it can be a challenge to meet people and make new friends.  If I asked a guy at the gym to go out for a drink, I am pretty sure I would hear a “No” followed by a strange look. Learning to dance is full of opportunities to meet people just like you, and as a bonus, dancing by design is a social activity.  Meeting great people and in some cases developing life long friendships can be a great result of learning how to dance.AdobeStock_100702501.jpg

3. Increase self-confidence

Increasing self-confidence does not mean that you are not confident already in other areas of life. Rather, now you can have that same confidence from another part of your life and put it into your dancing. This is probably the greatest take away one could have from the dance experience. To be able to step out on the dance floor with everyone watching and the confidence to dance like no one is watching is an amazing feeling.  To have that same feeling spill back into the other parts of your life is even better!

4. Improve health and wellness

It’s well known that learning to dance is a physical workout.  With the moving of the feet and shaking of the hips, it would surprise some people to know that the benefits don’t stop there! Dancing also works you out mentally.  Moving the body in a precise way that compliments the music and a dance partner will improve your physical and mental faculties.  Not to mention that dancing has been proven to slow the on-set of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


5. Enjoy and attend more parties

This is sometime the impetus to learn how to dance. No more do you have to be the person who gets the drink orders or watches the purses while everyone else is having fun.  Learning to dance can lead to more energize and fun filled nights.

6. Acquire more grace and elegance

For some, acquiring grace and elegance in dance is the purpose for learning.  The benefit as you acquire this new found grace and elegance is it spills over into your other activities.  More grace in the way you walk and talk, more elegance in the way you dress and present yourself to others.  We are pretty sure you will be okay with that!

7. Stand out on the dance floor

Not everyone comes in for this one, but if you have a wedding and are expected to do a first dance, parent dance or a guest that wants to dance at the reception, or if you have a social event where you need to look the part or if you have a bet and need to be able to finish a dance and say “you got served”, you are definitely looking to stand out on the dance floor!  As for the rest of us, whether we are looking to be the latest and greatest thing to hit the dance floor or you just want to blend in with the crowd, I think we can all agree that we want to stand out on the dance floor for all the RIGHT reasons!

8. Overcome shyness

I meet many people that are generally not shy, but to get on the dance floor and move as a physical form of expression and they become debilitated by the slightest thought of dancing.  This is especially scary if people expect you to know how to dance!  The ability to overcome shyness on the dance floor can lead to anything from, a chance to conquer a potentially embarrassing moment, all the way to changing a person’s life.  To feel free and be yourself on the dance floor is a comfort and confidence that only comes from overcoming shyness.

9. Relieve Stress

This is another great benefit people discover as they learn to dance.  Sometimes the thought of learning a new skill can be daunting, but what people soon find out is that the level of focus that is required for the mind and body leaves no room to dwell on the stress of the day.  How nice it is to have a distraction that re-focuses our energy, so we can recharge our mind and body and when the dance is over we can re-charge at the day’s challenges with a new vigor.

10. Make a special person happy

The reason to make a special person happy by learning how to dance can be anything from having more fun with a special friend, to creating more romance and connection with a significant other.  Coincidently as people learn and develop they come to find out that special someone turns out to be them.  Yes, you may have started for someone. And yes you might have initially been reluctant to trying it, but when you start improving and you feel the results you know that this is not just for a special someone, it’s (secretly) for you too.

Thanks for joining us again this week for our blog as we discussed 10 Reasons You Should Be Dancing.  Let us know below, if the above are benefits you gained learning to dance or if it’s way off the mark.  We want to know how the opportunity to dance had impacted your life in a unique way.  Looking forward to your responses!

Keep on dancing!