2016 Olympic Games & Ballroom Dancing

20 Olympic Games and How They Are Similar to Ballroom Dancing

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? To see the greatest athletes in the world compete against one another and fighting to stand at the top of the podium with the gold around their neck is a pretty amazing thing. It would be great to see Ballroom Dancing be a part of the Olympics someday. For now though, let’s see what your favorite Olympic Games and ballroom dancing have in common:

  1. Beach Volleyball- It’s done in pairs and in competition a lot of time the ladies wear next to nothing.

  1. Judo- Both use a lot of precise movements and is done hand to hand, but one is about staying upright and the other is about taking your partner to the floor.

  1. Fencing- Sharp striking actions with the intensity of a Tango and the quick movements of a Mambo.

  1. Rhythmic Gymnastics- It’s in the name! Both require rhythm, musicality and a creative flare! Did I mention a lot of sequence?

  1. Wrestling- Definitely the mother of the ballroom practice hold!

  1. Weight lifting- Both require focus, mental toughness and the power of muscle memory.

  1. Decathlon- If you want to win you have to be strong in 10 activities. Just like ballroom dancing, if you want to be the 10 Dance Champion.

  1. Table Tennis- Laser focus and quick reaction time is a benefit in both dance and table tennis.

  1. Golf- Both involve a lot of obscure analogies and important body mechanics.ballroom_olympics.jpg

  1. Basketball – If you want to get the gold, a team effort is needed!

  1. Water Polo- Both require endurance and sometimes the ability to hold your breath!

  1. Taekwondo- The best always have great footwork.

  1. Handball- Occasionally you run into a sport or dance you really like but just don’t get.

  1. Boxing- To win big competing, you have to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

  1. Synchronized Swimming- The grace and beauty of a team of people all moving in sync with each other, just like the Formation Dance Teams of Beach Ball and January Social Extravaganza.

  1. 100 Meter Dash- At the highest levels, the most flamboyant characters compete.

  1. Rowing- Synchronization and singular focus are great attributes in both.

  1. Rugby- Both take big balls to do and compete in.

  1. Triathlon- Like a great party, the Olympics and ballroom dancing both need a lot of Hustle!

  1. Gymnastics- So many similarities! In competition, both are subjective and therefore judged. Both activities involve precise and flawless movement. For the ladies it’s definitely the competition make-up and for the rest is has to be the skin tight attire.

As you can see, the 2016 Olympic games have a lot in common with ballroom dancing! If I missed any of your favorite games, please add them in the comment section and tell us what similarities they share with dance!

Change the pace tonight with a dance lesson at Arthur Murray!