5 Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be A Dance-O-Rama.

I know what you are thinking… why talk about this now? Boston Dance-O-Rama took place last monht and it won’t happen again until next year--and that is exactly why we should be talking about this now! Some people plan a vacation on a whim, while others will plan out their trip at least a year in advance. And did you know that there are many Dance-O-Ramas all over the world throughout the year? Your next dance vacation might be right around the corner! So whether you’re a planner or not, this will help you decide if a dance vacation is right for you. 

  1. 5 Star Vacation

Whether you are in the heart of downtown Chicago or at John Wayne Airport in Orange County California, Dance-O-Ramas are made to be 5 star events. A Dance–O-Rama is a 4 to 5 day event built around an exciting theme, where the host focuses on every detail to create an environment that will be sure to make this vacation an all time favorite. From the theme of the weekend, the welcome party, décor of the ballroom, all the way to the Gala dinner and Pro show, the goal of the event is to create an unparalleled experience.

  1. Compete With The Best & Watch The Best

During the week you get an opportunity to showcase your talents on the dance floor, and see how you match up to the other dancers in your level. You also get to cheer for newcomer and pre-bronze dancers and enjoy the skills of those that are dancing at the level you are building to, like Full Bronze, Silver or Gold! At the end you can enjoy a fabulous Professional Competition where you watch some of the best dancers compete against each other! Best of all is meeting and dancing with these great dancers throughout the week!

  1. Awards

Who doesn’t like to get an award for their hard work? At a Dance-O-Rama there are awards for the best dancer, best solo, top student and more. The nice part is there are awards for the different levels of dance and age level. This way you can be recognized for the growth you have made in your level. For the high level competitor there are events such as All-Around and Scholarship. These are multi-dance events that compete not only on creativity and skill level, but also stamina!

  1. Built in Wing-Man or Wing-Woman

Although the venue is amazing and the event is going smoothly, one of the hardest things to do on vacation is getting quickly immersed into your new environment. Have no fear because when you go to a Dance-O-Rama your teacher is not only your dance partner but also your wing-woman/man. Here you have a person that is going to get you out on the dance floor first at the parties, make sure your hair or make-up appointment is set, let you know where to be and when to be there. Most importantly they will get you connected and acclimated, so this way you can skip the awkward stage quickly and start having fun and feeling natural in your new environment.

  1. Oh The People You Will Meet

This is the best part of a Dance-O-Rama. Everyone there are Arthur Murray people, so you know they are there to dance and have fun. To make a friend that is half way across the country or half way around the world that you connect with through dance is pretty awesome. You just may find your Dance-O-Rama friend. They are the person (or couple) you keep up with via social media and get together with every time you meet at Dance-O-Rama.

Another great thing about the Arthur Murray Dance-O-Ramas is that they are happening all-year-round in many unique and exotic locations. So if you missed the most recent one, mark it on your calendar for next year or ask your instructor about the next Dance-O-Rama. 

Since several of our Arthur Murray Connecticut students and instructors competed in the Boston Dance-O-Rama we wanted to share some highlights and some awards!

Danbury Accolades*
Dawn Grabover placed 6th in Full Bronze All Around competition from a semi-final
Debra Hendrickson placed 4th in Silver Smooth Scholarship Final
Bloomfield Accolades*
Teri Everett swept 1st place for the Smooth Scholarship, All Around, and Rhythm Scholarship and Top Full Silver C Lady
Katie Epps won 1st place for her All Around and won the Top Full Bronze JR.
Jessie Passon placed 5th in her All Around
Niantic Accolades*
Gerry LeFrancois won Full Bronze Top Male 
Instructor Accolades*
Alicia (Bloomfield) & Kyle (Niantic) won 3rd place in the Future Champion Smooth Finals
Kadeem (Bloomfield) & Jheanelle (West Farms) won 5th place in Future Champions Rhythm
Alica (Bloomfield) & Duncan (Guilford) won 6th place in the Future Champion Rhythm Finals
*This may not be a complete list of all awards and accolades for all dance centers in Connecticut
And now for some pictures! Take a peek at our fun weekend full of dancing and "Hollywood" themed events!



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