9 Tips About Tournament of Champions, Fall Festival…and why you should get involved!

As the leaves turn, and the year draws to an end, we look to the start of Fall Festival, also known as Tournament of Champions (TOC).  For those that may be unfamiliar with Festival it all started with the man himself. 

Arthur Murray had two important competitions he would hold every year.  The first competition is the one most are familiar with, which are the dance competitions and showcases.  Those are opportunities for students and professional dancers to shine, performing unique dance numbers and competing to see who are the best in the world. 

The other contest Arthur would hold was a business competition.  The purpose of the business competition is to see which studios were giving the best customer service. Staff that gave the best service would receive recognition and awards for their commitment to making their school the best in the world!

How Festival works: Schools of similar size are grouped together to compete and to see who gives the best student experience.  And how is that measured, you might ask?  Well it is measured by how active the student body is. And by active, we mean lessons, group classes, practice parties, guests, program upgrades and other events!  So to be a top school for the Tournament of Champions, it is all about being a member of the most active student body!

Whether it is your 1st or 10th time participating in Fall Festival, here are 9 tips to help you get the most of the experience.

#1 Sponsor Your teacher!

Everyone should be a sponsor, it’s not only a great way to thank your teacher for all the extra time and effort they put into your dancing even when you are not on a lesson, it also enters you into a number of fun studio activities and events.  The benefits of being a sponsor are huge and as a sponsor you have access to all the amazing themed parties.  Sponsors get their ticket punched to the Phantom of the Opera Holiday Ball, and the Westside Story Latin Night. And finally sponsors get great perks and prizes from being entered into the activity based In-Studio Contest. The benefits of being a sponsor far out weigh the investment. Sign up today! 

#2 In-Studio Contest!

Whether your studio does a point system, raffles or Magnificent 7, your activity can earn you perks, prizes or an unforgettable night out on the town with your favorite Arthur Murray Dance Center team!

#3 Broadway Themed Parties

How fun it is to get dressed up like the characters from your favorite Broadway show or to get dressed up for a fancy night in the city? No matter the event or party, you will have something to dress up for during our Broadway themed Fall Festival!

#4 Inter-Studio Parties

Inter-Studio parties are a great way to meet new people in the Arthur Murray Family, but also a great opportunity to prepare you for any dance situation with a crowded floor of dance enthusiasts.  Be prepared to fill your dance card with people you have never met before, but share the same passion for dance as you do.

#5 Family and Friends

Invite them to a group class, practice party or one of your lessons!  Let them see what you have come to enjoy so much and show them why you stay out late on a Tuesday and why you are so chipper on Wednesday

#6 Six Weeks of Parties and EventsGlastonbury_Broadway_Front_BRI.jpg

Mark your calendar in advance!  These are 6 weeks you do not want to miss.  Whatever you thought you knew in the beginning will be over shadowed by what you gain in the end. Memories will be made, dance shoes will be broken in, and a new confidence will be found!

#7 Holiday Ball

Get out your cocktail dress, gown or press your tux because you are going to the BALL! After reading this do not delay. Holiday Ball is an event you do not want to miss!  With the year coming to the end and holiday activities moving into full gear, Holiday Ball is a relaxing afternoon of dining and dancing in an upscale environment with all of your dance friends.  Not to mention the beauty of the Bond Ballroom.  Check out the Bond Ballroom here! 

#8 Latin Night

Get your fill of flashing lights, fog machines and all your favorite dancers from all over Connecticut in one club.  Latin night is a party you won’t forget!

#9 The Intangibles

Outside of the great memories you will make and fun moments you will live, there is so much more. The real lasting benefits of Fall Festival will be in the dance friends you make, the confidence you build, and the improvements you have made in your life, before we set new goals for the New Year.

Follow these 9 tips and you are all but guaranteed to have an unforgettable festival season and you will be the counting the days till TOC.

Fall Festival Kicks-off November 4th 2016, so dress your best for our first Broadway show!

Your local Arthur Murray Dance Center may have a theme other than Broadway for Fall Festival, so contact them to find out what fun parties and events they have planned.