A Letter of Thanks


Dear Dancers,

As we move into the final chapter of 2016 we want to take the time to reflect and appreciate all the fond memories we have created throughout the year.  During this time we would like to show our appreciation with a thank you, for without you, our schools wouldn’t exist!


Thank you for:

  1. Trusting us when we said that new thing would be fun, before it was fun.
  2. Giving us the opportunity to teach you something so dear to us.
  3. Making the dance center feel less like a school and more like a home.
  4. All your efforts to reach your potential.
  5. Laughing with us when we make mistakes.
  6. Believing in us even when you did not believe in yourself.
  7. Never quitting, even when you could have.
  8. The sacrifice and time you put in to becoming the dancer we see inside you.
  9. Helping to create moments of brilliance on the dance floor.
  10. Making Connecticut Arthur Murray an amazing family of schools.

We recognize that our students are the reason for the growth and success of our schools. Many of you have provided us with referrals, while others have gone out of your way to endorse our service.  We appreciate your kind words, laughter and hugs and look forward providing you the highest level of service for years to come. 

Have a Happy Holiday and thank you for making Arthur Murray the greatest place on earth…we couldn’t be more thankful!

Keep on dancing!

Need something new tonight? Try a dance lesson at Arthur Murray!