Ballroom Dancing Students of the Month

We want to start the new year off by introducing you to some of our students...who just happen to love ballroom dancing (go figure!) and take lessons here at Arthur Murray. Our students are the heart and soul of each of our Arthur Murray Connecticut locations! Twice a month throughout the year we will introduce you to a few new students.  They all have different reasons for dancing, but what is most important is that they dance! We love their passion for dancing and love having them as part of our ballroom dancing family! And now we proudly introduce...
vernon student.jpgMIKE & EMILY | Arthur Murray Vernon

What do you do for a living? Emily-Administrative Assistant for Uconn marching band. I do all the behind the scenes work to make sure the band is there and ready to do their job. I’m essentially the band mom. Mike- Brook Brothers IT. I handle the company reporting regarding sales and stocks

What is one fun fact that no one else knows about you? Emily- I’m really into Dinosaurs. I love anything dinosaurs related: History, new discoveries and toys. Mike- I enjoys novelty socks and Zelda stuff.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of dancing? We like movies and mystery science theatre 3000, we also like to “sample” different beers.

How long have you been dancing? 2 yrs. In May

Why did you start dancing? Our wedding. We knew we didn’t want to do the high school prom shuffle.

Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it? Hustle, It’s fun and it fits with our favorite kinds of music and good party music. Pretty much every wedding we have been to 70% of the music we can hustle to.

What is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why? Off the Wall in Vernon- We like it because it is a home event and we get to see the people we know and are learning with and see what they are working on and how they are improving. Emily- I also like it because there are no judges. Why? I did a lot of stressful musical additions with the clarinet from grade school through college.

What else do you hope to accomplish in dance? Emily- Spin without being terrified of falling or hitting someone. Get good enough to impress others besides mom. Mike- I like it as a date night together. It gets us off the couch and out of the house.

WAYNE | Arthur Murray Nianticniantic student.jpg
January will make 3 1/2 years of dancing for this guy! Wayne started dancing as a hobby back in July 2013. At the time, dancing was therapeutic and one of two loves, as he had also taken up fencing. It didn't take long before dancing won his heart over and he dove full in. He now fills his retirement days working on his full Bronze and he can be found Argentine Tango-ing the night away. No matter the occasion, Wayne is known to be the best dressed at the parties- he's the one looking like royalty or in the movie-quality super hero costume. 

danbury student 2.jpgTONY | Arthur Murray Danbury
Tony started dancing at Arthur Murray Danbury in February of 2011.  He had actually met Todd from Arthur Murray Vernon at a singles event and Todd directed him to the Danbury location! Tony used to own a bread business and now is a franchisee of Leather Medic. Two fun facts, he is a Vietnam War Vet and has a 1 year old grandson who looks just like him and is named after him!  Tony is the dance center jokester-he will definitely tell you a joke the next time he sees you!

Dance Lessons on your bucket list?