Ballroom Dancing Students of the Month for February | Part 1

Here they are...the first part of the students of the month for February. They may come from different parts of the state and essentially have nothing in common, but the two things that they DO have in common: they LOVE to dance and they are part of our Arthur Murray Dance Center family! Check back soon for the next set of February students to be featured! And now we proudly introduce...

paul.jpgPAUL | Arthur Murray Niantic

What do you do for a living?

Paul is an independent living skills trainer.

What is one fun fact that no one else knows about you? 

Very few people know that Paul plays the piano.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of dancing? 

Aside from dance, Paul loves roller-skating, cooking, and visiting the beach.

How long have you been dancing? 

Paul has been dancing for 5 years now!!!!

Why did you start dancing? Initially, Paul started dancing with the hopes of picking up some tricks for roller-skating. Shortly after he started he fell in love and now spends more time dancing than skating.

Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it? His favorite style of dance changes periodically. Paul’s current favorites are Salsa & West Coast Swing.

What is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why? Paul’s favorite Arthur Murray event is August Freestyles because he always has a splendid good time and it’s close by!

What else do you hope to accomplish in dance? Paul just wants to continue having a great time and to always keep improving.What do you do for a living? 

BOB | Arthur Murray Glastonburybob.jpg
What do you do for a living? Retired but before that I worked for Bank of America
What is one fun fact that no one else knows about you? If I told you than people would know!
What hobbies do you enjoy outside of dancing? Kakuro, Fantasy Baseball, Politics, and Reading the Newspaper
How long have you been dancing? 17 years
Why did you start dancing? Social Aspect
Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it? Smooth Dances and Quickstep is my favorite.
What is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why? Glastonbury BBQ and Barkhamsted, love going outside to party and hang out.
What else do you hope to accomplish in dance?  Move into Gold, go to Cuba and any other places we decide to go as a studio.

Bette-Lou 1 Jersey Boys.jpgBette-Lou | Arthur Murray Guilford


Tell us about yourself: I am a single mom to two beautiful children. I am thankful for the career success I have achieved as a senior Vice President of Guilford Savings Bank. It has not only allowed me to create a good life for me and my family but also to give back to the community through various organizations such as the Shoreline Chamber, Guilford Art Center and so many more. Last year I joined the board of Bare Necessities, Inc. a newly formed diaper bank with a goal to help meet the needs of babies along the shoreline. As a breast cancer survivor, I am passionate about helping others work through the challenges treatment can create and raise funds for cancer research and cures that are so badly needed. 
Fun fact that most people wouldn't know:  I have taken tap dance lessons since I was 3 and you can often find me doing steps under my desk while working on a complex issue. 
How long have you been taking dance lessons at Arthur Murray Guilford?  6 months 
Reason why you started dancing at Arthur Murray Guilford:  Ballroom is something I have always wanted to do. Through friends teaching and taking lessons I was compelled to join them and give it a try. 
Reason why you are continuing to dance at Arthur Murray Guilford:  It is sooo much fun!  I love challenging myself to learn new styles and technique, the staff and the students are a welcoming community and preparing for various events is always exciting. 
Favorite style of dance & why:  I thought it would be waltz but I am really enjoying rumba right now. 
Favorite Arthur Murray memory & why:  My first competition at Beachball last fall because I amazed myself at how much I accomplished in a short time and it made me feel good about myself. 
What else do you hope to accomplish in your dancing? I love that my stamina and energy level continues to improve. After grueling cancer treatments and also knee surgery, I am building a healthy body back up and everyone at Arthur Murray is supporting me in that goal. 

Dance Lessons on your bucket list?