Ballroom Dancing Students of the Month for February | Part 2

Before we jump into March, here are the last of our February Students of the Month!  You could see yourself here in this list of extraordinary students...just give us a call and start dance lessons today!

ross and Karrie.jpgRoss | Arthur Murray Vernon

What do you do for a living? Active Duty first class electronics Tech Navy.

What is one fun fact that no one else knows about you? Convinced everyone in High School his name was Max

What hobbies do you have? Rollerblade, Ice skate, cooking and grilling.

How long have you been dancing? Over 3 years. Mid November 2013 at the Niantic studio.

Why did you start dancing? Lots of energy while listening to music wanted to utilize it.

Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it? Night club 2 step and Peabody

What is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why? Glastonbury BBQ

What else do you hope to accomplish in dance? Full Bronze and core 6. Wants to get that done by June.

Bryan & Deborah | Arthur Murray of Danbury
Bryan and Deborah "accidentally" became students at Arthur Murray of Danbury by a mistake phone call by the previous owner Sophie. They started ten years ago and have never looked back!
At the time this information was gathered, since 2010 they have been to almost 20 competitions, taken 47 coaching sessions and have taken 971 lessons. 
Some more facts about them:
Bryan is an engineer for Verizon and Deborah is a Reading Specialist for children in 3-5th grades.  They have 8 grandchildren, 6 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.  Bryan's favorite dance is Waltz, Deborah really likes all of them.  They go to almost every in studio and out of studio event we have, and this year is there 10 year anniversary with us.  Bryan also owns a fishing charter company that takes 6-8 people on trips on Long Island Sound to fish or just see the views of NYC.  They live in Danbury and just on Tuesday closed on a new home!

allyson.jpgAllyson | Arthur Murray of Danbury
What do you do for a living?
I'm a Real Estate Agent
What hobbies do you enjoy outside of dancing?
I enjoy volunteering for my kid's school and helping to make a difference in their education. I also love to be outdoors; hiking, skiing, boating, the beach - anything where I can connect with nature. 
How long have you been dancing?
17 years with an 11 year hiatus :)
Why did you start dancing?
I've always loved ballroom dancing. The way it looks, the music... I'm just a fan. And I wanted to be part of that. 
Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it?
There is nothing I've done that I've disliked. Some dances have felt weaker than others, but I love connecting with the music and learning styling to make them all look better.
What's is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why?
I love the Festivals. The themed parties are always a great time and the spirit and energy are always high during that time period.
What else do you hope to accomplish in dance?
I'm ready for more. I'm hoping to achieve Silver in every single one of my dances by mid-year. It's a lofty goal, but I know with the support of my teachers and my own determination, I can do it. 

Mat & Joanna | Arthur Murray West Farms
mat joanna.jpg
Mat and Joanna have been dancing with Arthur Murray West Farms for over a year now! They are getting married in June of this year, and started dancing well in advance so they could feel comfortable dancing all the social dances too! They're wedding dance is a beautiful Viennese Waltz. They like Waltz and tango the best, but they also do a really mean polish hustle! They love to travel.  Mat and Joanna love popular music (except country music!) and are always down for a good party!
Fun fact: They used their powers of influence to coordinate a studio after-party following this past December's Van Dome outing! We love having Mat and Joanna dancing with us! 
Dance Lessons on your bucket list?