Ballroom Dancing Students for the Month of April

Check out some of our amazing students who were chosen as the April Students of the Month! You could be pictured here...  Want to join our family of students? Just give us a call and start dance lessons today!


What do you do for a living? T: Retired US Navy Chief A: Retired M.D. from the State

What is one fun fact that no one else knows about you? Used to be a shy person

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of dancing? T: Gardening Mostly Flowers A: Shopping & Baking

How long have you been dancing? 14 years

Why did you start dancing? T: My wife wanted me to learn to Dance A: To know more about other dances since I learned a little cha cha and boogie swing back in the Philippines

Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it? T: Salsa and Bachata A: Yes, Smooth and a little latin!

What is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why? T: Holiday Ball A: Holiday Ball- No Stress, just enjoy dancing, and meeting new and old acquaintances




What do you do for a living? Associate General Counsel, Litigation Services for Yale (Yep, I’m a boring lawyer) 

What is one fun fact that no one else knows about you? I can touch my nose with my tongue 

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of dancing? Singing, Swimming & Traveling 

How long have you been dancing?  Ballet, Toe from age 5 – 17, Tap, Ballroom dancing…4 months (:~)

Why did you start dancing? Originally I started dancing because I liked ballet. My return to dance now is a gift to myself.  After years of working tremendous hours & raising my daughter, I deserve this!!! 

Do you have a favorite style of dance? What is it? I love the structure & fluidity of Waltz but also enjoy the energy & creative styling of Triple Swing.  

What's is your favorite Arthur Murray event of the year and why? I really loved Team Match and January Showcase.  The support from our studio was endless & the enthusiasm & energy infectious. 

What else do you hope to accomplish in dance? I don’t want to just learn steps; I want to learn the rhythm & spirit of the dances!  I want to get out on the dance floor and look & feel confident! 




John has been a student at the Bloomfield Arthur Murray dance center for a few months. There are group lessons each evening and John feels that it is very important to participate in group to build up your knowledge, understanding and skills of the basic steps in each dance. Beyond group you can take private lessons to expand your knowledge on the style dance you prefer. The staff will spend as much time with you as you wish to help you discover your goals. Every instructor has the skills to help you advance to your goals. John mostly works with Jacky. She introduced John to the dance center and helped him to make the decision to join. Jacky has made learning to dance fun but she is also good at keeping him on track! Other instructors watch and give suggestions to help enhance your experience. John now has a dance family made up of caring instructors, director and owners, and many students he has met and dances with during evening parties.




Marianne has been dancing at the West Farms studio for over 7 years. She is well known as the woman who can dance anything, and is famous in West Farms for dancing solo routines with many men . . . . all at once! She loves all types of music, and uses dancing as a way to have fun and exercise at the same time. She leads a very active lifestyle, always attending live music events, plays, & productions, in addition to traveling the world. She is currently looking forward to mastering Silver 2 for Medal Ball this May.



Dance Lessons on your bucket list?