Ballroom Dancing Students of the Month for January Part 2

CHARLOTTE | Arthur Murray Bloomfieldbloomfield student.jpg
Charlotte has been dancing with Arthur Murray since February of this year. She had always loved dancing when she was young, but changed focus to raising her family for most of her life, and now that she has time again, she is doing this for herself. Also, she had a coupon to start lessons! She loves dancing, going on walks, and spending time with her friends. She is a Holocaust survivor, but prefers not to dwell on the past and instead tries to be fun-loving. In her own words, "I go by head and heart together; you can't go by one alone, that's how you get in trouble!" She works hard to excel and achieve what she wants, and is sometimes in the dance center almost every day of the week! She is a valuable member of the Bloomfield Family...affectionatly known as the BAMily!

west farms student.jpgAL | Arthur Murray West Farms
Al is celebrating his 5 year anniversary with Arthur Murray West Farms in January 2017.  Al grew up watching his parents dance in the living room, and his favorite dance is the waltz.  He works in production control for an aerospace company.  Fun Facts about Al: he was a singer and guitar player in a rock band that toured the east coast and europe in the 80s.  His rock'n'roll adventures included briefly dating singer/songwriter Joan Jett, and becoming close friends with musician Billy Idol.  Al also had the opportunity to play minor league baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies Single A baseball team out of Trenton, NJ.  Al is a true gentleman in the dance center and we have truly enjoyed watching him transform into the graceful dancer he is today!

SUE | Arthur Murray Glastonburyglastonbury student.jpg
How long have you danced? 10 years
Why did you start dancing? She went to a high school reunion and hung out with her childhood best friend. When they were in high school they took ballroom together because their parents also danced. At the reunion she mentioned she was doing it again.
What did you do for a living? She was a computer programer. She wrote the programs that were used by the insurance company. Now she is happily retired.
What other hobbies do you like to do? Golf and sudoku
Any quirky things about you? She said "what do you think I would tell???" and then laughed!!  She also did synchronized swimming in high school.

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