Dance Lesson Teach-a-Thon Time

Welcome to Teach-a-Thon season, the time of year where your lessons not only better your dancing but also help someone in need. We call those "dance lessons with even more purpose"!

What is a teach-a-thon exactly?

Teach-a-thon is a day that several schools set aside to teach lessons for a solid 12 to 24 hours, with the goal of raising a significant amount of money for a local charity: dance lessons with an added purpose! A portion of each lesson fee is donated to the school’s charity of choice.  As an added incentive to participate, the reduced teach-a-thon lesson rate entices dancers to get involved in multiple lessons and activities throughout the day and evening.

Who can participate?

Teach-a-thons are open to everyone!  Whether you are an avid dancer preparing for January Showcase Dance Extravaganza or someone who reads the blog and has always wanted an excuse to take the next step from dreamer to doer, this is your chance to dance. Additionally, for our current students, teach-a-thon is a great time to bring in a friend or family member who has always wanted to dance. 

How do I get involved?

Talk to your local Arthur Murray Dance Center staff today and book your time.  Spots are limited and offered on a first come first served basis, so be sure to book it today.  And don’t feel restricted to just your teacher or even your school.  Once you have taken a teach-a-thon lesson at your own school you can hop from one school to another and support multiple charities! Or if you are new to dancing and Arthur Murray, book lessons at more than one dance center to try out a few locations. Have you ever wondered what the staff was like after hours? Be sure to request any time after 10pm!

What will I learn?

Some will work on the projects they are preparing for upcoming events, while others will try new and different concepts and dances. These are off program lessons, so talk to your teacher to decide what you would like to do. New to dance? Don't you worry, we have a great first lesson lined up for you!

This year five of our dance centers are holding a teach-a-thon during the month of January to benefit a local charity. See below for information for each event and contact them to grab your spot now!

Arthur Murray Bloomfield

January 12-13, 24 hours, P: 860-286-2847

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Arthur Murray Danbury

January 12th, 12 hours, P: 203-792-0176,

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Arthur Murray Niantic

January 19-20, 16 hours, P: 860-739-3991,

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Arthur Murray Vernon

January 12th, 12 hours, P: 860-870-7400,

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Arthur Murray West Farms

January 12th, 12 hours, P: 860-224-0625,

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