Dancing & Relationships Part 1

The art of dance and the act of learning how to dance can teach you so many things—things about your partner and things you never knew about yourself.  More important than learning how to be a better dancer, the act of learning to dance can teach you things to make you an all around better person.

A few important things that a lead should do in dance and in relationships.

  1. Patience

Patience is a virtue.  In life and in dance, everyone wants to be with the lead that has patience and makes it fun!

  1. Clear Intentions

Clarity is kindness.  When we are clear with our intentions our partner can be at ease in knowing what is expected.  In dance, the more confident a lead is with where they are going, the more confident their partner will be in following them.

  1. Good Communication

When I speak to couples that have been married for several decades, they immediately say communication is key.  So if it is the key to keeping a life partner, it can probably help you keep a dance partner for a 2-minute song or years of songs.relationships.jpg

  1. Compliments

In a relationship, anyone who has a heartbeat likes to receive compliments from their partner.  Dancing is no different.  As a lead, the better you are at complimenting your partner verbally and in the dance, the more likely you are to get a second dance.

  1. Laughter

Laughter and the ability to have fun and not take life too seriously is a great trait for anyone.  Life can be hard and if we can’t make time to laugh and enjoy ourselves it will be a miserable road. The same goes for dancing.  To be able to laugh and not take yourself too seriously is always a great way to enjoy any dance and put your partner at ease.

How does being a better lead on the dance floor make you better partner in your relationship?  Be sure to visit next week for the conclusion of Dancing & Relationships!

Change the pace tonight with a dance lesson at Arthur Murray!