Dancing & Relationships Part 2

Last time we discussed how certain cues you learn as a lead can help in your relationships. We explored staples of strong relationships like communication and patience, but also things that make a relationship fun like compliments and laughter. Today lets explore other concepts that will help on the dance floor and in life.

     6. Not Being Passive-Aggressive

This is my favorite “what not to do” in dance and in a relationship. Being passive-aggressive is a great way to turn people off and spoil a relationship or dance partnership. Just don’t do it. Be transparent and don’t beat around the bush. Your partner will thank you for it!

     7. Know Your Partner

In dance just as in life, it is important to know your partner. Know what they like, what they don’t like and what might be out of their wheelhouse. If you are more advanced than your dance partner be sure to use a lot of what your partner can do and challenge them a little with what they have not experienced yet. They will appreciate it.

     8. A Little Flirtation

People want to be with people, not robots. A little flirtation in a dance shows that you are fun and truly enjoy the music, dancing and your dance partner. And a little flirtation in a relationship is always welcome as well!wedding dance couple.jpg

     9. Belief

Having a partner who believes in you is a great feeling and we can reciprocate those feelings both in life and on the dance floor. When your partner knows you believe in them, they will strive to be the best version of themselves every time.

     10. Occasional Surprise

The key to keeping excitement in any relationship is the occasional surprise. We are always finding ways to make life more interesting by showing up unexpectedly with flowers, giving a random gift or doing something nice, all to put a smile on our partner’s face. So be sure to throw in the occasional dip or ragdoll to keep the dance the relationship interesting and on its toes.

We want to hear from you! What other cues have you learned in dance that relate to the relationships in your life?

Come to Arthur Murray to walk in and dance out of your first lesson!