Essentials for Your Wedding Consultation


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and making the decision to enjoy your first dance as a couple! Whether you want to wow your guests or you simply want to make your first dance more than the 8th grade sway, lessons to prepare for your first dance will pay dividends.

Now that you have made the call and set the date, it’s time to make preparations for your first visit.

What to Bring to Your Wedding Consultation

Bring Your Wedding Shoes

You will be dancing in your wedding shoes, so it will be best to wear those shoes. This is ideal so you can get used to how they feel on your feet and also to determine how easy it is to move in them. Obviously if you don’t have your wedding shoes yet, just wear shoes similar to them.

Dance Attire

With so little time in the day lets make it a date night! Dressing up only enhances the experience of trying something new. Guys should wear dress slacks with a jacket or vest. Ladies should wear a dress, preferably similar in length to your wedding dress (but keep the dress details to you and your teacher, we don’t want to give away the surprise to the groom!).

Bottle of Water

Be ready, you just might work up a sweat on this date. And if you do not have water, your teacher will provide you with some.


Probably one of the most important parts of your preparation is your calendar. You are planning a wedding and time is limited as you draw closer and closer to the big day. Bring your calendar so you can make a clear plan with your teacher and map out your dance date time.

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What to Know When You Arrive

Fill Out Paper Work

Upon arrival, our fabulous administrative assistant will greet you and help acclimate you to the studio. They will provide you with the appropriate registration paperwork to fill out prior to your lesson and introduce you to our Wedding Consultant/New Student Director.

Meeting the Wedding Consultant

The Wedding Consultant will ask a few questions to learn about what you want to accomplish, fill you in on how we teach, the particulars of what couples do after the first lesson and introduce you to your instructor!

Learning the Essentials

Your instructor’s main priority is to show you that learning to dance can be fun, quick and easy. This will be done by showing you the components of dance and introducing you to the most popular wedding dances.

Move to Music

This will probably be the coolest part of the lesson. When your music comes on and you are moving to the music, all your doubts begin to fade away.

Keep an Open Mind

For some, this is their first time successfully moving to music and that is an amazing feeling. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or have never set foot on the dance floor, throw caution to the wind (as best you can) and have fun with it.

Learning to dance for your wedding can be the best investment you make in your wedding and in your relationship.

Let us know if we missed anything! Be sure to write us below or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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