First Impressions Really Do Matter: A Man’s Must Have List Before He Goes Dancing

We are so proud of you and the steps you have taken (no pun intended-or maybe it was!) to improve your dancing and your life!

Being the MAN we want you to always put your best foot forward, so here is a list of must dos to make it easy for any partner to say yes to your invitation to dance:

Stay Fresh

The average day is long and filled with activity, so if you have an evening lesson be sure to freshen up by showering, brushing teeth, reapplying deodorant and putting on a new outfit. Be careful when applying cologne as many people are sensitive to perfumes. You want to smell fresh and clean but not overpower your partner.

Things to Bring

It is common knowledge that ladies glisten and men sweat and it is not different in the world of dance. To not offend your partner we have a list of things to bring to your lesson, group class or practice party. Batman had a utility belt and as a dance hero, you have a dance bag. In addition to your dance shoes and notebook, your dance bag should have:

  • An extra shirtmen_dance_prep.jpg

  • Hand Towel

  • Deodorant

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Mouthwash

  • Comb

  • Clean socks

Throw a few mints in your pocket before you head out to the dance floor and you are golden and ready to go!

Applying these tips to your dance prep will keep you, your partner and other students focused on what’s important; how great you are dancing!

Change the pace tonight with a dance lesson at Arthur Murray!