Going on a cruise? Five reasons to take dance lessons first!

This winter in New England, like others, has been long.  Even with a couple nice days this past week, it is hard to forget that we still have about a month of winter left. As several of us were preparing to head off to Cuba for an Arthur Murray Dance Center trip, it had me thinking about how others escape the cold of winter.

One of the most popular ways to escape is going on a cruise. It’s convenient, you visit multiple exotic places, catch up on your vitamin D, eat decadent food and enjoy days on the turquoise blue water. But to truly take in the whole experience on and off the cruise ship, it is a must that you know how to dance! Here are five reasons to learn to dance for your next cruise.

  1. What are you going to do at night?

During the day it’s easy, you sun by the pool, read on the poop deck or take part in some of the other entertainment on the boat.  But at night, after dinner, options can be limited. For most cruises, the night club is the epicenter of activity and when the band is hot, you need to be prepared to put that sun-soaked bod to work!


  1. Burn off those buffet calories

On a cruise you have a lot of opportunities to eat a lot of great food, and with no responsibilities! If you are spending your days sunning by the pool you are going to need something that can get you moving and sweating at night. Let's not ignore the face that if you are moving, grooving and sweating as you dance, it could to lead to more moving and sweating…yes, I'm implying a little hanky panky with your significant other! See reason number five below!

  1. Meet new people

Dancing is a great way to connect with people. Whether you are single and cruising or cruising as a couple, knowing how to dance can be an ice breaker. It can attract compliments from on lookers who enjoy seeing you have so much fun dancing or it could connect you with other dancers who also took dance lessons at Arthur Murray!


  1. Be ready for any island excursion dance off

At each stop is an opportunity to dance. Especially on a tropical cruise, you meet new people and experience a new culture and a big part of these island cultures is music and dancing. So, why sit on the sidelines (like a boring gringo) while the islanders have all the fun? Make an epic memory, get up and dance!

  1. Have a romantic adventure

Hands down dancing with a significant other (or potential significant other) is an incredibly romantic experience. Whether you are enjoying the night club band or dancing to the sound of the ocean breeze under the light of the moon and the stars, when the moment is right you better know what you are doing.

Let us know why you think dancing is a benefit and asset when you cruise. Bon voyage!

Dance Lessons on your bucket list?