Group Lessons vs. Personal Lessons

 Knowing how to dance is a handy skill that can be useful in almost any social situation and preparing for those situations is only half the fun.  As you journey from struggling to remember those first few moves to dancing a whole song, the satisfaction and confidence gained is like no other.  A lot of times it is hard to tell which is the best method of learning how to dance. And is there one best method?  There are so many options, how does one choose?

In this article we will discuss a couple of the most common options for learning to dance. We will discuss the pros and cons of Groups Classes and Personal Lessons. 

*NOTE: Group Class and Personal Lesson experiences vary with each school.  This list is based on what a person would typically experience.  Your individual experience may differ.

Group Classes

personal_group.jpgPROs of Group Class

  1. They are Social- Group Classes are typically groups of anywhere from 10 to 20+ people. One of the best parts is you usually get a chance to switch partners and meet other dance enthusiasts like yourself.
  2. Set Structure- Group Classes are great for structure because they usually consist of a specific set plan either for the one session or an itinerary for several weeks of group classes.
  3. Variety- With the structure of class comes particular patterns you will learn within each dance. In some cases a multi-week session will teach a different dance week to week.
  4. Typically Inexpensive- Most group classes have several participants therefore the price can vary from $10 to $30 a class.


CONs of Group Class

  1. Set Pace- Due to the fact that there is a set schedule, it is easier for newer people to get lost because of the pace, especially when the class builds week to week.
  2. No Personalization- You are taught the way that works best for the class, not necessarily what works best for you.

Personal Lessons

PROs of Personal Lessons

  1. Personalized Teaching- Personal lessons give your instructor the flexibility to teach to your learning style and at the level you are starting.
  2. Faster Progress- With individual attention the instructor can quickly address your needs and untangle any tie-ups in your progress.
  3. Continuity- Where group classes can hop from one dance to the next, personal lessons offer the continuity to learn the dance of your choice to the level you want and then move into dances that relevant to the one you just learned.
  4. An Investment- Personal lessons will be more expensive. Typically a starter program of lessons can cost around $200, but you get what you pay for and your return far outweighs the cost.

 CONs of Personal Lessons

  1. Less Social- You are working with your instructor either solo or with a partner on personal lessons, you typically miss out on the social experience of dancing with others.
  2. Cost of Investment- A beginning personal lesson program can cost around $200+.

In conclusion, both will teach you how to dance, but ultimately what do you want to get out of your dance experience?

For those that want to get all the benefits learning to dance that learning to dance has to offer, blending the two is an option.  Group classes will introduce you to great moves, and personal lessons will give you the knowledge, technical skills and confidence to own those skills and really dance them. 

When weighing your dance options, be sure to ask your local school if they offer program options that have a combination of the two!