Knowing is Not a Prerequisite to Learning

Blog Post by Sean: dancer, teacher, dance teacher and "created an app for that"


I can’t take French lessons because I only know English.

I can’t watch a programming tutorial because I’ve never made an app.

I can’t take dance lessons because I don’t know how to dance.

None of those statements make any sense.  After all, it is the nature of learning that we begin without experience and gain experience through instruction and practice.  Yet we hear the last statement all the time here at Arthur Murray.  Nobody ever says they can’t be a carpenter’s apprentice because they’ve never built a house and no one ever refuses tennis lessons because they don’t already play like a pro.  Why, then, do people suggest they can’t take dance lessons when they don’t know how to dance?  The entire point of lessons is to fill that gap!

I think the answer is fear. 


It’s a defense mechanism.  People worry that they will fail, so they offer an excuse.  It’s not that there’s something wrong with them.  It’s that they don’t or can’t dance, by nature.  That way, should they fall short, they can say that they were right, thus saving face.  Even easier to avoid the chance of failure altogether.  The grapes we can’t reach were sour anyway.  And thus, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But there is no reason to fear.  They say that if you can walk, you can dance, and for good reason.  Our dances combine elements of movement you already do in your daily everyday life, just arranged in new ways.  Arthur Murray has designed a method to help you incorporate your previous knowledge of moving your body as you already do and using that to dance.


Yes, there will be a learning curve.  There will even be a period of time where you may feel awkward.

  Like anything else that gives life meaning, it will take some effort.  But you’ll get there, and it will be well worth the doubt to reach the sense of pride at the end.

Or, you can tell yourself that you can’t learn anything you don’t already know and watch the chance slip away.

Trust us, you’d rather take the chance.




Dance Lessons on your bucket list?