Learn To Dance: The Long and Short of It


I blame the 80’s montage for making the world believe a country boy like Willard could be a rockstar dancer after a mere 7 minutes of learning from the new guy Ren. I’m not trying to question the powers of Kevin Bacon, but to get that kind of confidence, you may need a little more time. Dancing is a skill, not something you do once and master. Only if it were that easy! Like any skill, it’s all about time spent. So whether you want to dabble or be Dancing With The Stars, here is the short and long of learning to dance.learn to dance time.jpg

Crunch-Time: I have a week to learn

So you have a week before you need to get out on the floor and tear it up. Basically it’s like finals week of your senior year and you need to cram in all the information in seven days that you would have learned over nine months. My recommendation is to learn the basic survival skills of being a good dancer. In 3 to 7 days you can learn enough skills to escape with minimal injury from your specific dance event. Will you be gliding around the dance floor like Derek Hough? Probably not but you might feel a little more at ease when you are invited to dance.

Getting Hitched? If you are a week out with no dance, have no fear, you’re not out of time yet...but it is running out. With a song picked, your teacher can give you what you need to live to tell the tale of your first dance. NOW STOP READING NOW AND CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST LESSON TONIGHT! I SAID TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!

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Breathing Room: I have a month to learn

Now this is a little better. This will give your teacher the time to teach you the basics but also give them a chance to add some style into your dancing. In a month you could learn a few different dances to feel a little more well-rounded for your dance event. You may have your “focus face” on as you dance, but your teacher will have you practice smiling as you concentrate. You might not have people circling around clapping as you break it down, but you will turn a couple heads.

Hey Love Birds! A month out is a lot easier and a lot more fun! To prepare for your big day, and feel like you have danced all your life will take practice, but at this point you have some time so you have more options. Since you only have a month, you should call this week!

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Easy Street: I have a season or more to learn

This is the best situation. As I said before, dancing is a skill, the more time you have, the better you can get and more natural you will feel. The goal of any great instructor is to make their student look so smooth and make the dancing look so easy that people assume you’ve been dancing your whole life. With time, this is possible! In 3 months your teacher can teach you the basics, give you style, moves and show you what real dancing looks and feels like. In more than 3 months you have the power to choose how good you want to look on the dance floor!

Hey Future Mr. & Mrs.!  The more time you give yourself, the less stress you will have and the more fun this experience will be. Call your local school today, so you can start to reach your full potential as you start your new journey in life!

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We want to hear what you have to say! Let us know your experience and how much time you spent preparing and how you danced on your cruise, wedding, special night out or big event. Keep on dancing!

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