New Year's Resolutions for 2017 | Get Dancing!

It is that time again. Time for your New Year’s resolutions! Are you ready? It seems that on the first ofnew year.jpg January, we write our list of resolutions or verbally proclaim them and then twelve months later as the year comes to an end we re-write them again for the following year. Resolutions are great goals and are typically hard to keep, thus the reason for making those wishes, goals, dreams and to dos into a New Year’s resolution. If they were easy we would just do them!

What if we told you that dancing can help you keep those resolutions? A new year is on the horizon and 2017 is going to be your year! This is the year you achieve your most important goals and like Pokemon Go, our good buddy dance is going to help us get them all!

So whether you have one all-important goal or a list to the floor, here is how you will keep your goal(s) with the help of dancing!

Resolution #1: Enjoy Life to the Fullest

  • Too many of us live our lives vicariously through the characters we see in our favorite TV shows, through friends, co-workers or celebrities whom all seem to have great stories. No more! This will be the year you live your story! Learning how to dance will give you the spice you are looking for: from taking risks and learning something new to redefining what a school night is. Dancing will add an element of excitement to your life that will make everyone else wish they were living your story!

Resolution #2: Live a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Dancing improves your coordination, memory, decision making skills, reduces the risk of dementia and alzheimer’s, reduces stress, diminishes depression, improves flexibility, helps with balance, increases energy, contributes to weight loss, helps you make new friends, benefits your heart health. Did I miss anything? See: Health Benefits of Dance

Resolution #3: Lose Weight

  • If walking on a treadmill for 90 minutes sounds like a blast to you then you might be reading the wrong blog. But if you are looking for something a little faster, more fun, with some variety and a social element, then you will love dancing to your favorite songs for 90 minutes. See: Dance Off the Fat


Resolution #4: Spend More Time With Loved Ones

  • As many have found, dancing can be a great family bonding activity. It is ideal for a husband and wife, children, a couple dating or newly engaged, newlyweds, those who have been married for 50+ years and even for individuals and singles (if you are single, you just may meet someone dancing!). And an awesome bonus is that the people you meet and dance with become like family, especially at Arthur Murray!

Resolution #5: Save More, Spend Less

  • If getting rich is at the top of your list, dancing will not help you with this one in 2017. But learning to dance CAN help you save more and spend less. Once you learn what you need to do when dancing, you will definitely spend less time watching others have all the fun at social events and you will save more friends and loved ones from bad dancing!

Resolution #6: Getting Organized

  • Because dancing requires a lot of fast decisions and learning how to do intricate moves in restrictive spaces, it requires you to organize your mind to make those things happen. Lets hope that trickles down to your life outside your head!

Resolution #7: Travel to New Places

  • With over 30 dances to choose from, learning to dance can be an opportunity to choose your own adventure. Whether you want to dance an Argentine Tango in Argentina, the Viennese Waltz in Vienna or just prepare yourself to light up the floor in your kitchen, your teacher has something exciting for you to learn every visit that will take you to new places literally or figuratively.

Resolution #8: Quit Smoking

  • Bonus! Most schools are indoors and do not allow smoking inside. Now it’s a matter of replacing that bad habit. Can we suggest you spend some time dancing to help replace that habit? Keep those hands busy and distract the mind!

Resolution #9: Help Others

  • To stay consistent and help others for the next 365 days, you need to make sure your battery is charged and ready for any challenge that my come your way. Dancing is not only a great outlet physically, it is also a great outlet for your mental and emotional needs. If you’re drained and want to get happy, jam out to your favorite song. If you are mad and want to release that anger, do a tango! This way you can get balanced to continue to grow your giving tree.

Resolution #10: Fall in Love

  • Just like the Beatles said “All you need is love”. Dancing is the perfect way to fall in love and to keep the love alive for those of you who already found “the one”. There is a dance for everyone and everything! Fall in love with someone or fall in love with dancing…either way it is a win, win!

What are some things you hope to accomplish in the New Year? How can dance help you achieve them? Please share

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