Odell Beckham, Russell Westbrook & Yes, Dancing

Injured Odell Beckham in a dance off with Russell Westbrook at a fashion week party: A cause for concern for Giants fans, I think not.

Going into week 2 of the NFL season, Giants fans and fantasy owners are up in arms over Odell Beckham Jr., a highly paid, superstar athlete dancing at a Fashion Week party.  Beckham is currently sidelined from play for 6-8 weeks due to an ankle injury.  Many fans are wondering why he would risk what was touted to be a promising season for the Giants in a dance off with Russell Westbrook; the NBA superstar, new owner of the 55-year-old record for the most triple doubles in a single season (google it!), and starting at guard 6’3” from UCLA.

What’s the damage: should fans be concerned, should management be concerned?

Beckham may have been shaking his booty in a dance off, but there is no cause for concern. Although Beckham did not dress in the season opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys, he has seen limited activity during Giants practice and if he can practice he can dance.  Unlike professional Football, dancing can be anywhere from a light workout to a strenuous physical activity.  The dance community could make a case that dancing could be a great form of physical therapy.  Dancing works on balance and proper posture, helps develop underutilized muscle groups and stabilizing muscles. Not to mention for Beckham’s case, dancing builds foot articulation and ankle strength.

Dancing can be anywhere from a light workout to a strenuous physical activity.

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What makes dancing great is that it can be done by anyone as a social or competitive activity.  Young or old, fat or slim, fit or floppy, dancing is a choice of how physical you want to make it.  Someone who dances on Broadway or is in the Finals at Blackpool, Ohio Star Ball or Superama dances at a different intensity than someone who is dancing on a crowded dance floor at a Saturday night party.  The time, place and type of person requires a different effort for each scenario.

For example, a waltz danced socially can be a great way to build good posture while also developing leg strength.  A competitive waltz is an aggressive way to test your balance and overall muscle strength and flexibility.  Creating dynamic movements that shock and tone your core, legs and ankle strength.  

Similarly, in Latin dancing it is a matter of the effort you put into the dance.  One could dance a social cha cha work themselves into a sweat without taxing their body.  They could also dance a swing that is so physically demanding that would require a body that is in tip top shape for peak performance.  

Currently there is no video of this dance off as I write this, so I cannot confirm that Beckham and Westbrook were not doing the waltz or swing, but what I do know is if it was in a social setting it was all in good fun and in no way dance with the same physical strain they would put on their bodies in their respective sports.

To all the Giants fans out there, have no fear your superstar is in no danger.  And to all the Giant haters, be afraid.  In 6 weeks you will see OBJ latest dance moves in your end zone.

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