Showcase Shakeup

Congratulations to all those that performed and competed at August Freestyles two weekends ago!  It was fun to see a lot of new faces dancing for the first time and also see some great veterans of the August Freestyles move into the next level!

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:dancing.jpg

The day kicked off with Country Western Style.  The country dancers warmed the dance floor and the crowd before the big day of dancing. In the smooth division we enjoyed watching our couples approach the floor with great frame and posture, with a highlight always being the glittering and glamorous dresses gliding across the floor.  Well done Stephanie G. and Laura from Guilford.  They owned the floor during their International Tango and Foxtrot. IMG_5051.jpg

A big portion of the day was spent in the Latin/Rhythm section.  It was nice to see everyone getting into character with the more upbeat dances. Great job to MJ and Derek for their Lindy Hop solos, and what fun it was to see Amber D. with Johnny rockin’ the floor with her Night Club 2-Steps solos.  

The day was finished with the multi-dance competition, the always-exciting Arthur Championship.  This event is all our couples have anywhere from 6 to 9 dances memorized and ready to go, but here’s the catch, they will only dance 2 to 4 of those dances.  So as a competitor you may get lucky or you may get the dance you have the most trouble with.  We tip our hat to all our couples that danced because they brought their ‘A’ game!  Congratulations to all of our competitors in this difficult event, you truly made it look easy!



After break the night kicked-off with a few Professional events.  First up and an August Freestyles first, was the exciting Professional Same Sex Salsa Competition.  As a professional it is important to know both lead and follow and typically when we compete we are either leading or following.  How fun it was to create and dance a routine that required the skill to do both in the same dance!  Congrats to Crisen and Kadeem, Sally and Lacey, and finally our 1st place duo/couple Tom and Kyle.

Up next was the Staff Closed Smooth and Rhythm Competition.  The closed competition is defined by creating beautiful routines based solely on the figures from the Arthur Murray syllabus.  Big thanks to our Arthur Murray professionals for giving us a picture of how amazing we can make our basic figures look!  Congratulations to Stian and Brittany Root for placing first in both closed categories.

Last was the Open Smooth and Rhythm Competition.  The open competition is where anything goes.  A combination of closed figures combined with creative choreography that all moves in harmony with the character of the dance.  This event is always hardest to judge because it is all about who has the best balance of creativity and basics and who does it best! Congratulations to Tom and Sally from West Farms in Smooth and Ilker and Sevi from Glastonbury for taking it in Rhythm

After a great staff show the inspiration continued.  The big band was a pleasure as always, but the highlight of the evening had to be Josh and Liza the American Junior 10 Dance Champions.  Josh and Liza combined 2 of the 3 things I love to watch most, competitive dancing, and kids achieving amazing feats.  The only thing missing was a cat wearing a shark costume riding a rumba vacuum. The precision and elegance with which they moved was an inspiration to all!




Check out the Facebook page for each of the dance centers for more pictures from the weekend! With a heavy heart we watch as Summer Sizzler 2016 is quickly coming to an end with Beach Ball just around the corner.  But before we move into all our great back to school and fall activities, be sure to ask your instructor how you can be involved in Beach Ball. 

Share what your favorite August Freestyle 2016 memory was, below.  See you at the beach!

Change the pace tonight with a dance lesson at Arthur Murray!