The Most Underrated Dance Lesson: Practice Parties

On individual/personal lessons we gain a deeper understanding of how to execute what we learned in group class and how it applies to us and our favorite dances. In group classes we learn new patterns, creating balance and enhancing our lead or follow, but the last class that typically gets left behind is the practice party or pratice session. Despite its name, it isn’t just a party, but a perfect opportunity to learn. Once again let’s challenge some old ideas with new empowering ones!

Belief: “I don’t want to switch partners.”

Reality: Switching partners is an easy way to build confidence and comfort in your part. The problem is getting enough out of your comfort zone to give it a shot!


Belief: “It’s not my focus dance(s).”

Reality: Not all songs at the party will fit in with your focus dances but each song played at the practice party can usually be adapted to fit your focus dances and help you gain more movement and confidence.

practice party.jpg

Belief: “I’ve attended practice parties before and it was an overwhelming experience.”

Reality: That can be the case, but so will the parties or events that you go to in the future, so why not power through the anxiety of going to a party now so you can feel comfortable later?


Belief:“I don’t want to hold back the advanced dancers”

Reality: Advanced dancers have been where you are and in some cases are as excited about your dancing as your teachers. They can’t wait to dance with you!


Belief: “I don’t know enough to go.”

Reality: Just like anything else, you go with the skills you have and use them.  While you are there, enjoy watching others do the things you will be doing in the future.


Belief: “I don’t have a partner.”

Reality: We are a school and we have eager leads and follows ready to dance with you every party night!


Belief: “I can’t dance that long.”

Reality: It may sound like a lot but once the music is playing and you are moving, the time flies by. Not to mention if you don’t have stamina to last a party, it’s a must you show upto build that stamina—your life may depend on it.

The Practice Party is what it is all about. A person does not come in to dance well in front of a person, that until recently, is a complete stranger or to learn different moves in a group setting. It’s all about dancing with confidence when the moment finds you and with out the Practice Party you lose out on that experience.

How has group and practice enhanced your dance life?

Keep on dancing!

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