The Mother-Son Dance: Groom’s Guide Edition

It is your big day! You are about to marry your soulmate! Before your life quickly moves in a new direction, you have to make time for the woman who got you where you are and helped you become the man you are today. We are talking about the Mother-Son dance!

Whether you have been dancing forever or if you have two left feet, this guide will give you 6 great tips to create a fun and memorable Mother-Son dance.

#1 Choosing the right music

This should be something that your mother and you agree on. A lot of times a mother has been thinking of this song since the day you were born, so be sure to include her in the process. Talk with her about what you would like and what she likes. This way it can be something you both will enjoy as you learn to dance together.


#2. How long should the dance be?

The mother-son dance is a great tribute to the woman who brought you up right and a wonderful wedding tradition. Keep in mind that the wedding is a celebration of a new bond and relationship, so the mother-son dance should not over shadow The First Dance. Be sure to keep the song anywhere from 90 seconds to three minutes. This way it can be memorable, not infamous.


#3. Attire for lessons

Be sure to dress up for your lessons since this is a special time with mom and we all know how important this is to her (even if she doesn’t show it).   It is important to wear shoes similar to the shoes you will be wearing the day of the wedding and in some cases a suit jacket to simulate the real thing.


#4 Size matters and especially in this case!

It’s good to be prepared for anything! Call the venue to get the dimensions of the floor. This way your dance teacher can prepare you to dance within the set floor. If you have the opportunity, give it a try at the venue so you can get a feel for the floor under your shoes as you dance. Being aware if the floor is tacky or slippery ahead of time is something you wouldn’t want to be surprised with on the day of.


#5 How do we make the dance look good?

Leave it to the professionals! When you are taking dance lessons, come prepared only with ideas of what you want and your instructor will take care of the rest. It’s our job to make you, the groom, look cool, calm and in control for your big day.


#6 Showtime! or Cue the tissues!

Mom is going to be extra emotional that day and you should be prepared to help her along as she tries to hold back the tears that will undoubtedly fall as she dances with you. The right preparation and your new found dance knowledge you will be sure to make the day incredible—not just for you but for mom too!


Keep these six tips in mind and you will be sure to feel prepared for success when it comes time for the Mother-Son dance. In addition, never forget that the most important thing above all, is to smile and have an amazing day!