Upgrade Your Dancing Software | You.0

Every two to three weeks my phone, computer and even my television go through an update.  These updates make our electronics faster, efficient and easier to use.  When it comes to learning to dance, upgrading capabilities is also a must.  In dance, we are developing a skill within our mind and body so we can be the best dancing version of ourselves for any partner.  And just like our electronics need an update every few weeks, we need a boost upgrade to our dancing.  Best way to do it? Hands down a coaching lesson!  Keep reading to see how a coaching can give you the necessary upgrade!

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Fix Bugs

A coach is a second set of eyes with years of experience.  A coach can fix little things that can make a big difference such as improving footwork, more definitive lead and follow, and balance for connection and movement on the dance floor.

Feature Improvements

A coach can take the look and feel of your dancing to a new level.  A coach can show you how to improve flexibility to develop better arm styling and head placement to create better lines in your dancing.

Reduce Crashes

Can you think of a time that you completely blanked on your choreography or the next move you wanted to do, or a time when you gave your partner that deer in the headlights look?  Working with a coach can reinforce dance knowledge to improve confidence in every move, which will help develop quicker response time and make social and competitive dancing a lot more fun.

Adding Shinier Bells & Whistles

A coach can upgrade your dance technique and also introduce unique choreography for a showcase, open routine, spotlight or solo performance.

Improve Overall Dance Experience

A great way to close off one level into another is to take a coaching lesson.  A coach can elaborate on the criteria and skills that must be developed to have a smooth transition into the next level. 

Be sure to ask your teacher today about the next opportunity to upgrade your dancing and book a coaching and if you are unsure or would like a light upgrade ask about a master class workshop! Upgrade your dancing sofware today and invest in the next version of You.0!

Change the pace tonight with a dance lesson at Arthur Murray!