Vienna Showcase | Trip of a Lifetime!

For the past 12 months we have been dreaming of, talking about and preparing for the Vienna, Austria, Waltz Darling Showcase.   We spent months thinking about how we wanted to dance at the event and wondering what the event would be like. Upon returning from Austria a few weeks ago and living the event we dreamed about, we realize that we have had the experience of a lifetime.  After this event, everyone needed a bigger bucket list!  Here are some of the highlights!

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Dancing the Viennese Waltz in Vienna

Days after Christmas, we toured the city center in awe of the Gothic architecture of St. Stephens.  It was like stepping back in time as we walked down the cobblestone streets and admired the ornate baroque style of architecture that can only be appreciated in old Europe.  Decorated with a variety of tasteful holiday decorations we heard a street performer playing in the distance.  As typical dancers do, we started dancing a little swing and then the street performer played a Viennese Waltz!  It was amazing to see 16 dancers dancing an impromptu Viennese Waltz, in the streets of Vienna no less…and this was just the beginning of our adventure!


Waltz Darling Showcase

The showcase competition drew people from Chicago, California, Austria, Hungry and Israel, in addition to Connecticut.  It was a pleasure to watch and dance with everyone, and we also enjoyed new friendships and connections that were made on the dance floor!

Putting on the Ritz

This was amazing and the Gala dinner was like no other!  We were treated to a performance by the current Austrian Ballroom Champions, listened to the sounds of a professional saxophone player, watched a burlesque show and enjoyed a live performance by Taco singing his hit song “Putting on the Ritz”.  After the show everyone danced until the wee hours of the morning listening to an electro-jazz deejay.

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I don’t think I could have dreamed big enough to imagine this celebration.  Everyone dressed to the nine’s, a palace beautifully decorated for the occasion and filled with what seemed like 10,000 people.  Only to be highlighted by the CT Arthur Murray group making moves to start the night by dancing the Viennese Waltz on a ballroom the size of an indoor football field!  The energy and feeling in the room was like no other.  We spent the night celebrating, watching the debutant performance, live opera and of course dancing until 3am.

All in all The Waltz Darling Vienna Showcase was a hit!  The experiences had, memories made and most importantly the relationships forged.  Possibly the best part of the trip was the group that came with us.  We made everything we did an Arthur Murray Dance Party!  


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So What’s Next?

Get ready because this trip is going to be historical!  With the recent changes in Cuba, CT Arthur Murray has been making plans to visit our neighbor to the south!  If you love Latin music, old cars or just want to be a part of history, this is the trip for you!! For more information contact a CT Arthur Murray location! 

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