Wedding Dance Lessons - Changing Your Big Day and Everyday Part 2

With all the preparations for your big day, it can sometimes be easy to neglect an all-important detail… The first dance.

As we talked about in “Wedding Dance Lessons – Changing Your Big Day and Everyday” we discussed the unforeseen perks of learning to dance before the wedding.  Here are a few things when it comes to the first dance that you might not have thought of that will prepare you for the big day and beyond.

The Wedding Day and Beyond

1. Escape

     With so many things, tasks and people vying for their attention on the wedding day, many couples lose the opportunity to really enjoy the day they invested so much time, money and effort into. Little known fact is you can find refuge on the dance floor! Those who have spent time on dance lessons leading up to the wedding, building connection and developing their dance skills have a perfect escape.  Having a first dance can give you few minutes of dedicated time, to spend with the most important person in the room, also as the night goes on dancing gives multiple opportunities to escape and enjoy each other.  And as an added bonus, your dancing will melt the hearts of your wedding guests too.

2. Compliments

     Having your guests tell you how much fun it was to watch you both dance is definitely an added perk on your big day. They will be able to see the connection and dance skills you have gained…and how perfect you are for each other.


3. Pictures

     Being able to look back months, or even years from your wedding day to see pictures of your friends and family all around you and your new spouse sharing a romantic look, a smile as you turn, or the excitement created during your final dip are enough to make you speechless.  Then again, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  What do you want yours to say?

4. A Wedding Investment that Lasts

    After the wedding, the cake will be eaten, the flowers will wither and the guess will go home. The value of your wedding dance lessons will last forever! You probably know someone who is getting married, or maybe you have that annual work party where people always dance, or maybe now that you learned how to dance, going out to dance doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. It’s nice to know your dance education will keep on giving!

5. Marriage Insurance

     Keep the honeymoon phase going with a little marriage insurance!  Continue to learn and develop your dancing after the wedding. Dancing becomes a linking commonality that a couple shares from the start of their lives as one and it continues to build communication, confidence and trust in each other.   Most importantly, now as a new married couple, you have a built in date night.  No matter how busy life can be, it can be reassuring to know that the individual will always be grounded by the us…and because of a first dance.

Thanks again for tuning into our Arthur Murray Dance Center Blog.  For those getting married and considering dance lessons, share what wedding enhancement you connect to best or share another thought we might have missed.  For those that have enjoyed some of the marriage insurance we mentioned at the end, tell us how it has worked for you!

Until next time….keep on dancing!