Wedding Dance Lessons – Changing Your Big Day and Everyday

The venue was selected, deejay booked, flowers picked out, photographer hired…but what about the first dance? Underestimated and procrastinated, but at the wedding always appreciated!

Learning a first dance has spent a lot of time close to the bottom of many couple’s list. Now you have guests expecting a first dance, the same way they expect to eat a piece of cake at the wedding. Oh how the wedding dance has become a thing of importance! Unfortunately, a lot of times the first dance is thought of as just another box to check off before the big day. The sad part for many couples is that they may miss out on a lot when they finally make the time to check that box.

With all the chaos and things you need to do before the wedding, don’t lose sight of why you are getting married in the first place. Here are a few reasons why learning a first dance can enhance your big day and much more!

Before the Wedding

1. Learning Together Builds Communication

     Many couples today go to classes at church or on their own to prepare them for life together. These classes teach couples things like the discovery process of learning about your partner, the importance of commitment and values like communication. Learning to dance also helps couples develop these important lessons through practical use. Learning to dance is all about communicating as a lead or follow, discovering each other’s tendencies and finding time for the other person. Many seasoned dancing couples will say that learning to dance together is somewhat like couples therapy, only better!

2. Build A Stronger Bond

     As couples learn and develop in their dancing, they become more attuned to each other. Dancing is about creating a connection with your partner. The practice of dancing, not only increases the physical bond of connection, but also develops a stronger bond of trust for your partner.


3. Distraction From Wedding To Dos

     Weddings today come with so many responsibilities. So many items to choose and decisions to make and it all can be so big and so stressful. Although challenging at first, most couples find that dance lessons become a great distraction from the chaos of the wedding. When you are not debating color combinations and you get to work together on dance combinations, the magic of dancing gets your fiancé and you reconnected to the “we” in wedding.

4. Chance To Laugh

     Learning to dance not only pulls you from the crazy of a planning a wedding or the stress of a regular day, it’s a great chance to learn and laugh together during your trials and errors and successes of your dance experience.

5. Builds Confidence

     As you move from lesson to lesson, dancing suddenly is not as challenging as you thought and the idea of all your guests watching you intently as you perform your first dance seems to melt away. You start to believe if you can do this, what else might you be capable of? 

Let us know what you would like to gain from learning to dance. Also, check back next week for part two and more ways that learning to dance for your wedding impacts much more than the wedding day!