Where to Dance This Holiday Season


With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving upon us, it is the official start of the holiday season.  With so many things to prepare for, here are some fun ways to make what can normally be a chaotic season, a lot more fun. 

Places to use your dancing this holiday season:

1. Cooking in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, whether you are hosting or going somewhere, you will be spending time in the kitchen.  So ktichen dancing.jpgas you wait for the water to boil or the buns to brown, use those moments to perfect your Latin hip motion.  Remember the glass on an oven door also doubles as a mirror!

2. Post Thanksgiving Feast

Here’s a chance to burn some calories after a big day of eating. So after your nap and the tryptophan wears off, get off your butt, turn on some music and have fun!

3. Camping Out on Black Friday

November is cooold!  If you are crazy enough to camp out the night before black Friday, using your dancing will be an easy way to pass the time and stay warm!

4. Restaurant

People are doing crazy and joyful things this time of year. So if you hear a song that moves you, get up and dance around the tables.  You will feel good, so will your partner and the people around you will enjoy your holiday cheer!

5. Department Store Aisles

Why is it that the music playing in stores is more noticeable and danceable when you are learning to dance? Take your shopping experience to the next level! As you peruse the store, try your grapevine down the aisle.

6. Wrapping Gifts

For those wrapping gifts, dancing is an excellent way to pass the time.  So listen to great music as you wrap your holiday gifts and to break up the time, hop up and shake your groove thing to your favorite songs.  Even better if you know the words--you can wrap, rap and dance!

7. Caroling in Your Neighborhood

Take your caroling game to the next level.  Entertain your friends and neighbors with a winter song and dance.

8. Company Holiday Party

Holiday parties are always a great place to use your dancing!  Dancing at your party is a unique way to impress your co-workers and the boss.  Or if you are the boss, an opportunity to show that you are not just the leader of the office but also the life of the party!

9. Friends & Family Holiday party

After a year of seeing your videos and Facebook posts, it’s a guarantee that your family will want to see you dance in person.

10. New Year’s Eve Party 

This is what you have been practicing and learning all year for! There’s no better party to use your new year.jpgdancing than to get dressed up and enjoy great music and dancing, until the midnight hour or after!

Where are some places you will be using your dancing over the holiday season??  Share below!

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