You Know It's Time to Take Dance Lessons When...

Most people do not find dancing…dancing finds them. This happens as life changes or your interests change or your partner gains a new interest. There will be certain events in life that will lead you to this moment when it’s clear. You Know it’s time to start taking dance lessons when…

dance lessons.jpg

  1. You are stepping on your partner's feet
  2. You need a drink in order to get out on the dance floor
  3. You’ve been talking about it for a decade and have not done it
  4. Your kids are embarrassed by your dancing and you are too
  5. Your significant other asks you to
  6. …they demand that you do!
  7. Your tired old moves don’t have the same effect they used to
  8. Your go to move is the "lawn mower" or "sprinkler".
  9. Your relationship needs a new spark
  10. Your social life needs a new spark
  11. You buy an engagement ring
  12. You say “yes” to an engagement ring
  13. You’ve become tired of lying about a made up injury
  14. You are tired of leading yourself
  15. You are tired of your partner leading!
  16. The 8th grade sway is no longer cutting it.


If you like this list let us know. And if we missed anything be sure to add it in the comments below!

Keep on dancing!!