Our Dance Programs

At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we start at the very beginning and dance right along side as you progress through the various levels of the programs we offer.

Ballroom Basics | Your Foundation

Just like a baby learning to walk, we start with the basics to give you a firm foundation! Learn the simple steps and fundamentals to some of your favorite dances, as well as how to listen to the tempo of different types of music.

Social Ease | Intermediate

Enhance your skills and knowledge as you work on key components like footwork, posture, rhythm and timing as well as the importance of leading and following. Work on a variety of dances to keep your learning fun!


This is where you really start to get comfortable on the dance floor! Leave the thinking to us as you gain more confidence, your steps become more fluid and your movement is freer as you move around the dance floor.  Expand your variety, technique and footwork as you strengthen your lead and follow. Through this level of the program, you will gain all the confidence you need to feel right at home on any dance floor!


Now that you are comfortable on the dance floor, let's enhance your shine and add some flashy movements! This program gives you a high degree of styling and more elaborate movements so that you feel and move like a true dancer. Styling, technique, balance and control take on an entirely new meaning as you embark on the journey to a more professional style and look on the dance floor.


The sky is the limit with this program! As you continue on, our Gold program is for the hobbyist dancer that is interested in performances, exhibitions or competition. Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are a must for this level. As you work hard, you will be rewarded with intricate patterns and beautiful dancing and you will be regarded as an outstanding dancer, capable of reaching for excellence in all your dances.

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