Rave Reviews

Compliments from happy and satisfied students are the best form of advertising we know. We will let them sing our praises while we stick to the teaching!

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"The dance lesson experience was a great way to have some fun "together-time" in the hectic lead up to the wedding.  It was also neat to learn a few moves for our first dance and impress (or at least try to impress) our family and friends!"

"I started dancing as an opportunity to learn something new, gain rhythm, and try something fun with a close friend. What I never would have expected was that it would become one of the most positive experiences of my life. The amount of love, encouragement, acceptance, and support that I receive from the staff and students in the dance center is almost overwhelming. Dancing has brought a whole new level of confidence and joy into my life that I have never felt before."

"We love going to Arthur Murray! We first went to learn how to dance for our wedding and we loved it so much we still keep going!"

"We began dancing purely due to feeling the need to gain some skills for our wedding dance. As we progressed, we became much more relaxed and truly started to enjoy our time together at the dance center. We found that it was a time to meet others and socialize when we participated in events. Although we are extremely busy, we look forward to the time that we are able to do something together that is active and allows us to learn and grow."

"Our dance lessons started as date night for us, and almost 2 years later we are still dancing and enjoying a lot of date nights. Our experience at Arthur Murray has brought us closer together in our marriage and given us new skills on the dance floor."

"I started ballroom dancing when I was 14 years old. I danced all through high school and it really helped me deal with the stresses and anxieties of high school. Also, the dancing helped me break out of my comfort zone and feel more confident with myself. All the instructors are caring and welcoming and always have a smile on their faces. Dancing here has changed my attitude and has made me more comfortable in every day life!"

"We started as "date night" away from the kids. It has brought us closer together as a couple and we have met so many wonderful people."

"Thank you for working with us to make our first dance perfect! Our guests can't stop talking about it!"

"I started dancing because I'd always wanted to dance and there came a point that I gave up waiting for some magical partner to appear. I'd just go for me. It ended up being one of the most fun things I'd ever tried. And the people...goodness me! I don't think there is an unkind person in the dance center. Not the other students and not the instructors by a long shot. This studio is my safe haven, where people are kind and open minded and warm-hearted and it's true that dancing can, at least for a little while, make all the bad things go away. I don't think I could stop dancing if I wanted to. And I don't want to!"

"For the two of us, dancing began with working up the courage to finally take the plunge and step into the dance studio we passed nightly on our evening walks in Niantic. As intimidated as we were by the graceful, elegant dancers we had seen through the windows, taking that first step of scheduling our introductory lesson was effortless. After that lesson we were hooked! Whether we are practicing on our own, or attending one of the many private or group classes or parties, we couldn't imagine a better way to spend our time together--in each others arms, moving together to beautiful music, with friends all around us. It's not about the destination...it's about the journey, and dancing, for us, has added so many cherished moments to our journey together, that we couldn't imagine it not being a part of our lives."

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